Meet MagCloud’s New iPad App

magcloud ipad appWhile the MagCloud team certainly loves printed magazine, we also love offering our publishers and readers lots of choice and flexibility, and that’s why we are excited to launch the MagCloud iPad app.

The free MagCloud iPad app offers a browsable magazine store, a gorgeous issue viewing experience, and a “Buy in Print” button that enables readers to buy any iPad magazine in print.

The best part is, all publishers have to do, is opt-in. We make the same PDF you upload for your print version available in a digital format that looks fantastic on iPad. Right now, all magazines in the app are free, but we’re working on the ability to offer digital issues for sale (we know it’s important to some of our publishers).

magcloud ipad appThe MagCloud iPad app is a great promotional tool for publishers to expose more users to your magazine and offer them the flexibility to browse digitally and order a print copy right directly from their iPad. As a publisher you will have the option to choose which magazines and which issues you would like to make available for digital download. Of course, at any time, you will also be able to opt-out any issue from future downloads if you so choose. Going forward we will also add issue download stats to your Publisher Stats page so you can keep track of your most popular digital issues.

The MagCloud iPad app bridges the world of digital and print, offering readers and publishers choice and flexibility without the need to create a separate digital version of a magazine or build a custom iPad application.

Download the app today!