Here’s to All Our Moms

We’re taking time this week to reflect on mothers and all that they do for us. At MagCloud, we work with moms every day. They are some of the most committed and hard-working people on the planet.

We celebrate their diverse interests and all they teach us from style, to crafts, even encouraging our green thumbs. One thing is common between all moms…they are smart, powerful women who put the role of motherhood ahead of anything else and whom we hope will get a much-deserved vacation this year.

Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we have you covered in the gifting department. With these ideas, you’re guaranteed to make this year extra special.

-Using your Flickr photostream, create a photo magazine that takes her breath away.

-Choose from MagCloud’s exclusive library and show her that you selected something specific to her taste (and receive 25% off production costs of all full-priced magazines between now and May 8).

-For those of you who want to make a big splash, why not pick out a magazine that features one of her favorite destinations…then slip a pair of plane tickets between the pages.

What else are you planning for your mom this Sunday? Tell us in the comments below!

We also want to take the time to thank our own Moms all of whom have inspired us and in doing so hopefully makes MagCloud even better.

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