MagCloud iPad App 4.0 Giveaway Week 3– Winner Announcement

For last week’s $40 iTunes gift card giveaway, we asked if you could have dinner with any business leader, who would it be and why? We loved everyone’s answers! From tech leaders to music moguls to photographers, it looks like everyone was inspired by business leaders across a range of industries.

Here were some great answers from Twitter and the comment section of our blog post:

@blakekaplanIf I could have dinner with any biz leader, it would be H. Schultz of Starbucks because he’s got such good biz sense

@sugarpopx143If I could have dinner w/ a business leader, it would be Bill Gates because I want to ask him the future of computing

Matthew Haynes…Blake Mycoskie because I want to learn about his methods for creating a market product while being a humanitarian at the same time. I want to discuss that balance.

DristerrrJay Z because he’d have a lot of insight on how to move to the top while not allowing money and the fame to distract you from making good decisions.

The winner of the $40 iTunes gift card, however, goes to photographer Jana Long, who said:

If I could sit down and have dinner with anyone in the world, I would love to chat with Amanda K Photography. I know there are super famous photographers that I could choose from, but she is the one photographer who truly inspired me from the beginning, and still does today. I would love to just pick her brain on all things wedding/portrait photography, including balancing ‘life’. :-)

Congratulations, Jana! And thank you to everyone who participated!

Stay tuned for more promotions coming in the near future!

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