2011 MagCloud Wish List

The MagCloud team is really excited about 2011 and has lots of great features we are considering. We believe this should be the year of choice…more ways to publish and sell, and more ways to discover and enjoy great content.

Some of the things we are considering at MagCloud Central are:

–Expanded digital distribution, offering publishers more ways to sell and distribute their magazines, and readers more ways to buy and read them.

–An easier and smarter publishing process; including faster and more forgiving PDF uploading, auto-fixing to catch and help resolve the most common PDF upload problems, as well as a simpler overall publishing process.  All of this to give publishers more time to spend creating, and less time fiddling with PDFs and uploading to the site.

–Additional print formats to offer publishers new ways to have their content stand out.

–Reader ratings and reviews, and making it easier to share magazine favorites and recommendations with the rest of the MagCloud community.

–Enhancements to the MagCloud platform to make it easier for third party developers to build their own websites and applications on top of MagCloud, and that can link directly to MagCloud’s publishing and distribution capabilities.  So no need to recreate all the heavy lifting we’ve already spent the last 2 years building.

These are just a few of the things we have in mind (some of them already work in progress!), but would love to hear which features top your 2011 MagCloud wish list.  Please let us know.

Our Favorite Features of 2010


As we are kicking off a new year here at MagCloud Central we thought we would look back at our favorite new features of 2010.

Ship to Group lets you mail magazines to multiple recipients with a single order.

Improved Sales Stats gives publishers more insight into how their magazines are performing—page views, sales per day, number of followers, locations to where issues are shipped, and of course, your profit!

Upload from Flickr lets you easily turn your Flickr photo sets into a magazine without the need to use a design program or upload a PDF file.

MagCloud Messages is a way for members to ask publishers questions, give props to their favorite magazines and get updates on new issues.

Profile Pictures lets you give your MagCloud profile some personality. Simply click on “Account” at the top of the page (you must be logged in) and edit your profile to upload or change your profile picture.

Perfect Binding, one of our most requested features: gives magazines a more professional look with a square spine and uses glue to hold the pages, like a paperback book.  They can also accommodate a much higher page count – up to 384 pages.

The Follow Feature is a way to give a publisher a little bit of encouragement. If you follow a magazine, the publisher will be able to send you messages about submissions, new issues, and other magazine news.

Promote Page makes it easier for publishers to get the word out about their magazine.  From MagCloud widgets for showcasing your magazine on your blog or website, to MagCloud badges which help attract new followers, to email and Facebook and Twitter share functions, the Promote Page helps you tell the world how great your magazine is.

Expanded International Shipping opens up MagCloud to the rest of the world, with worldwide shipping for multiple issues up to 300 pages.

These are some of our favorites; feel free to tell us which are yours.

And next week come back and find out what we have in store for you in 2011!