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MagCloud is a self-service publishing platform that empowers businesses and magazine publishers alike to easily turn targeted content into professional quality publications, printed on-demand, shipped globally and available in both print and digital format.

With MagCloud, users can publish and distribute a consumer magazine, business portfolio, company brochure, customer newsletter, product catalog or any document that serves their needs without a minimum order or cost barrier. MagCloud takes a customer’s materials from PDF to printed publication in just 3 days. MagCloud publications can be printed on demand and delivered worldwide, or downloaded for reading on a digital device. All content is printed to order using HP Indigo technology, delivering professional print quality with no waste or over-runs, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Users can browse the MagCloud digital storefront, order the latest issue of their favorite publication and have it printed on demand and delivered directly to their doorstep, or download for reading on their digital device of choice.

More information is available at http://www.magcloud.com/.