Publishers In Their Own Words: Rallycross World

Rallycross World Magazine
by Tim Whittington, Publisher

Rallycross World has been published for ten years, initially as a quarterly print title but moving to a monthly ‘e-zine’ style distributed as a pdf in 2005.

It’s the only magazine specializing in Rallycross, an explosive form of motor sport featuring short races between up to eight cars on track with both asphalt and gravel surfaces in the same lap. We aim to provide a mix of coverage that is attractive to both fans as well as the drivers, engineers and companies working within the sport. Each issue combines news, analysis of the main issues affecting Rallycross, insightful opinion columns, feature material aimed at competitors and fans as well as award winning photography of this most exciting brand of motor sport. The readership is diverse and widespread, covering competitors and fans across Europe and Scandinavia.

The first Rallycross events will take place in America later this year and I’m beginning to get some interest from US readers already.

I’ve been working as a journalist and photographer specializing in Rallycross since 1984 and Rallycross World has become an important part of what I do over the last decade.

MagCloud has allowed me to offer a printed version of the magazine again. As a traditional, old school, journalist there is something very satisfying about having the tactile magazine in the hand, even if I am happy to accept that the majority of the circulation remains with the pdf version.

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Publishers In Their Own Words

The International Lifestyle Magazine
by Julian Nicholson, Co-Founder of The International Lifestyle Magazine

The International Lifestyle Magazine is owned and operated by cbl media based deep in rural Spain. Starting as a regional bi-monthly magazine, we soon recognized, aided by detailed analytics that its content was appealing to people all over the world. International Lifestyle Magazine was born. was an obvious choice for a hard copy distribution solution. The print on demand option allowed us to drastically cut our advertising rates, which was critical in our strategy to ride out an extremely difficult financial climate. The print on demand feature also fits in perfectly with our ideals in helping to protect the environment.

The ILM, as it is affectionately known, promotes positivity and seeks out the people, places and products that stand testimony to that ethos. What we end up with every month is a magazine that seriously picks you up and inspires.

Working with such established names as the National Geographic, Natural Habitat Adventures, Blue Ventures, Yellowstone Park, Dame Stephanie Shirley, Orange County Choppers, Jamie Oliver and Steenbergs to name a few, the reputation of this publication is growing in stature with every new issue.

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Check Out the New MagCloud Wikia Merchandising Widget

As some of you may remember MagCloud and Wikia teamed up back in October to make it easy for Wikia users to create magazines of some of their favorite content.

Well our friends at Wikia have made that process even easier with their new MagCloud Merchandising Widget where you can publish a full-color magazine simply by selecting the articles you like, choosing a cover, and placing your order on MagCloud. In minutes you’ll have your magazine published and ready to share with the world.

Oh and while you are on the Wikia website check out the new MagCloud Wiki where you can browse some of the great wiki magazines that have already been created.

Flickr Photo Magazine Tips and First Week Faves

Hey MagClouders, we are so glad you are enjoying the new “Upload to Flickr” feature. To help you get a little more out of this new feature we thought we would share a few of our favorite “Flickr Hacks” with you:

Bigger Images on Each Page: If you want to make sure your photo takes up as much of the page as possible be sure to size it at 1875 by 2625 pixels at a minimum of 300 dots per inch resolution. This will allow your photo to fill up most of the page.

Multiple Image on a Page: Create a single image file (jpg, gif, png or tiff) that contains multiple photos and upload it as part of your Flickr set. Make sure the single image file is 1875 by 2625 pixels at a minimum of 300 dots per inch resolution. When your MagCloud magazine is created, this file will be placed on a single page just like your other photos, creating the impression of multiple images on a single page.

If you have other questions on how to use the “Upload to Flickr” feature check out our FAQ.

We’ve been very impressed with some of the magazines we’ve seen created from Flickr sets in just the first week. Below are just a few of our personal favorites. We can’t wait to see what else you do with this cool new feature

Potential UK Shipment Delay

Some MagCloud customers in the UK may experience a delay in receiving their magazine orders as a result of European air travel disruption due to the Iceland volcano eruption. Our shipping provider who services our UK customers is doing their best to deliver orders in the fastest time possible under these extreme conditions.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Thank you for your understanding.

The MagCloud Team

Introducing Upload from Flickr

MagCloud’s new “Upload from Flickr” feature lets you easily turn your Flickr photo sets into a magazine without the need to use a design program or upload a PDF file.

All you have to do is create a set in Flickr and authorize MagCloud to connect to your Flickr account. MagCloud will import the photos and lay them out automatically. In just minutes, you’ll have a photo magazine all your own!

The new “Upload from Flickr” feature is a fun and fast way to turn wedding photos, family vacation pictures, your kid’s little league action shots, your professional portfolio images and more into a high-quality printed keepsake magazine.

To give it a try, just create an issue and choose the “Upload from Flickr” option.

Publishers In Their Own Words: XTERRA Planet

The XTERRA Planet
by Trey Garman, Magazine Editor and Vice President of XTERRA

TEAM Unlimited, the owners and producers of XTERRA, recently launched “The XTERRA Planet” – a quarterly magazine dedicated to the people, places and races of XTERRA.

The name for the publication is a spoof on the fictitious “Daily Planet,” the Metropolis newspaper that employed Clark Kent (aka Superman). And, just like that periodical, “The XTERRA Planet” will cover the exploits of superheroes in our community.

We’ve been building this magnificent collection of story ideas and images since our first race back in 1996, and now with this magazine we’ll be able to showcase the amazing people and incredible photography we’ve gathered along the way.

The late Steve Larsen graces the cover of the inaugural issue, a tribute to a man who made great contributions to XTERRA through the years. Other features include dramatic photo spreads, a piece on Jamie Whitmore’s “Miracle Twins”, a destination feature on Henderson, Nevada where the XTERRA West Championship will be held, fun Q and A’s with the sports biggest stars, updates from races around the world, and a story on one of the most successful trail run bloggers of our time.

Check out the latest issue!