Talk Amongst Yourselves with MagCloud Messages

We’ve often heard that you want more ways to interact with your fellow MagClouders. Today we’re thrilled to announce a new feature to help you do just that: MagCloud Messages.

Now all MagCloud members to send each other messages. So if you have a question about a magazine, or just want to give a publisher props, click the “Contact” link under the publisher’s name on any issue, magazine or profile page and send them a message. (Note that this feature is for members, so it only appears when you’re signed in.)

If you like a magazine, you can also Follow it. Just click the “Follow” link on any issue or magazine page. Following a magazine is a way to give a publisher a little bit of encouragement. If you follow a magazine, the publisher will be able to send you messages about submissions, new issues, and other magazine news.

Publishers of public magazines will see a “Message Your Followers” link in the Messages Inbox. This lets you send a MagCloud Message to all of your magazine’s followers at once.

When you receive a message you’ll notice a number next to the Messages icon at the top of every page, to let you know how many new messages are in your inbox. We’ll also send you an email every day with a digest of new messages. You can set those emails to come immediately, daily, weekly, or not at all in your account settings.

At MagCloud, we always want you to be in control. In addition to the email settings, you can also set who can send you MagCloud Messages (admins, followed magazines, or any member). If an individual member becomes a little over-communicative, you can block them from sending any more messages. All these settings and more can be found in your account.

We’re really excited about this new feature and hope it’s a fun way for you to stay in touch with your magazine’s community, and each other.

So give the new MagCloud Messages feature a try! And, as always, please let us knowwhat you think!