MagCloud’s New Perfect Binding Option

One of the most requested features by publishers has been the option for perfect binding.  Perfect-bound magazines are square at the spine and use glue to hold the pages, like a paperback book. It gives your issues a more professional feel, and can accommodate a much higher page count – up to 384 pages.

Using MagCloud’s new perfect binding option is super easy:

perfectbinding1. To begin, sign in to MagCloud and go to your Publisher’s Desk.
2. Create a new magazine issue.
3. Upload your PDF or select your Flickr photo set.
4. Preview your issue. Look good? Keep going!
5. Now you get to choose a binding (saddle-stitched or perfect-bound) for your issue.
6. After you select perfect-bound you will see the “Add a spine” section, where you have a few options. You can choose to fill the spine with a solid color or upload your own design. To fill the spine with a color simply click the background color box and you will be given a chart from which you can select your spine color. If you prefer to “Design a Spine” you can download a template to create your custom design, then upload your design (JPG, PNG, or PDF format) and preview it on MagCloud. For issues over 80 pages you also have the option to create a spine with text directly from the MagCloud website.
7. Set your issue price, order a proof and you are done!  Note: because the binding process is more complex selecting the perfect-bound option does add $1.00 to your issue cost.

You can use the same PDF file or Flickr photo set for both saddle-stitched and perfect-bound magazines, but there will be some differences in the final product.  For a few tips on how to optimize your design for perfect-bound magazines or learn more about this great new feature visit our Help Section.

Enjoy this new feature and if you have any comments or questions please let us know.