Journalists Test the Limits of Publishing With HP MagCloud

A great article appeared on HP’s corporate blog this week about how MagCloud publishers, like Longshot Magazine, are pushing the limits of publishing with collaboration.

An excerpt from the blog post:

With the publishing industry in a state of uncertainty, one trend is offering a glimmer of hope: collaborative publishing.

This past weekend, a group of editors (from publications like Wired and The Atlantic) challenged themselves once again to create a magazine in just two days, first by issuing a 24-hour call for content – essays, reporting, pictures, graphics, etc. – around a specific theme and then giving themselves 24 hours to collaborate, compile, and deliver the final product.  The theme (“Comeback”) was issued publicly Friday and the group met their deadline yesterday, resulting in Issue One of Longshot Magazine.

To read the entire article go to HP’s Corporate Blog.

Also check out other MagCloud publishers who are also pioneering this new wave of collaborative publishing: JPG Magazine, theviewfromhere, Onè Respe and Strange Light.