Publishers In Their Own Words: Shinn Photography

The Summer Camera Camp manual is a guidebook I put together for my first Summer Camera Camp photography workshop.  It’s all about falling in love with your camera.  The subject is photography, but it approaches photo from a very camera-centric perspective.

As a photographer, authoring a book-type document is something new for me.  I used Adobe InDesign for the layout, and (of course) included example photos.  I was thrilled that MagCloud made InDesign templates available to help me past some of the complexities of formatting a magazine.

The manual isn’t meant to stand alone – it’s accompanied by a PDF document that I used as an instructional slide show.  I left some space for taking notes so that my workshop attendees had a tangible take-home piece to study after the workshop.

Thanks for MagCloud for helping me take my instructional presentation to a much more classy and useful level!

To find out more visit our website.

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