Format Spotlight: Tabloid

Written by Dan Milnor, photographer and Creative Evangelist for Blurb.

Before I get stuck into singing the praises of MagCloud’s Tabloid format, I have a confession to make. I distinctly remember myself saying this. “There is NO WAY I will EVER print anything that utilizes a wire bind.” I also remember I said this with authority as if I actually knew what I was talking about. Well, I didn’t, and I stand corrected. Feast your eyes on the MagCloud Tabloid.


What you are looking at here is an 11×14, 8-page, wire-o bind Tabloid. The cost; a little under five bucks. My first impression; it’s huge. I’ve often wanted a larger portrait-style book and this tabloid works well to satisfy this need.

Even though I knew I wanted to use this to help promote my Blurb magazine project, I created this tabloid with no specific use in mind. I knew that once I saw this little creature I would find a use for it, and I have. My plan is to use the tabloid to catalog all the covers, so by the time I get a dozen issues under my belt this Tabloid will reflect the entire life of the magazine in single page replicas of each cover.


The Tabloid is a true lay flat. In fact, it bends back on itself like a true wire bind. You could run images across the gutter but I think it works best with single-page images. The size is fantastic and really makes a statement when you place it on a table or desk. The pages are thick and the entire artifact feels super sturdy.


How will I use it? I’ll use this when I’m at an event where I’m teaching or helping fellow book-makers understand how to best use the options at their disposal. I’ll have the magazines themselves, in multiple formats, and I’ll have my flyers to hand out, and my Tabloid to highlight all the covers and the history of the project. It’s a great size to pick up and flip through and it’s large enough for people to really see the detail of each cover.

Utilizing MagCloud in support of Blurb is not only strategic and affordable it’s also a lot of fun. Combining both platforms offers a nearly endless variety of creative expression.



4 thoughts on “Format Spotlight: Tabloid

  1. Per Wilhelmsson 1 May 2020 / 1:02 AM

    I get really inspired by the posts in this blog. Som much that I tried to do a Digest. The problem is that I live in the part of the world (the largest part?) that use the metric system. I tried to ajust Pages in my Ipad to fit the inch-format – but I failed. The digest turned out really bad – from a design point of view. The print is great.
    The templats that can be downloaded are not usable when you use a metric system. At least not from what I have found. The guides to adjust the program is not very good. It refers to old versions of the program used.
    Sorry Magcloud – or Blurb – or what ever you are called. You have to do better than that. If you want an audience outside the US and other ”not metric” countries (which is the majority) you have to present a solution for metric users. Or better guides for people like me…
    /Per Wilhelmsson, Sweden

  2. lilly 21 May 2020 / 8:30 AM

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