Vote for MagCloud – Web Services & Applications Webby Nominee!

We’ve been doing a lot of celebrating here at MagCloud!  To start, the Webby Awards declared MagCloud as a nominee for this year’s Web Services & Applications category. To say this is an honor would be a total understatement. Just look at the past winners and where they are now:

LinkedIn (2007 winner) – With more than 10 million members in 2007, LinkedIn has grown tenfold over the past 4 years with members in over 200 countries and territories. MagCloud couldn’t ignore the popularity of LinkedIn and the value professionals extract from the network each and every day. Recently, we launched our Publisher’s Corner group on LinkedIn to tap into the resources offered by this professional social network.

Google (2004 winner) – In 2004, Google celebrated their milestone of 6 billion items in their search index. Now? Hmm…there isn’t much more to say about this site which is already a household name and used widely as a verb in everyday sentences. We foresee MagCloud in the same sense one day…“I’m going to MagCloud my portfolio for this amazing new job opportunity” or “I MagClouded my 5th magazine issue to readers on umpteenth mobile devices” or “Sweet – I just MagClouded it and my magazine came in the mail a few days later.”

eBay (2003 winner) – Eight years after it was founded, eBay was listed at #8 on Fortune’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in 2003. Almost celebrating its sweet 16, eBay now trades more than $2,000 worth of goods per second. Imagine if MagCloud published 2,000 publications per second. It could happen!

That’s not all! It’s a double whammy for us this year because MagCloud was also inducted as an Official Honoree for the Magazine category in the 15th Annual Webby Awards, signifying the outstanding caliber of work by our team and all of our publishers. We’re thrilled to join the ranks of the who’s who in the magazine community including The Bold Italic, The Economist, ELLE, GQ, Inc., JPG, Men’s Health, The New Yorker, PC World and T: The New York Times Style Magazine.

Here is where we need your help with our Webby Award nomination. You get to choose who takes home The Webby People’s Voice Award and wouldn’t it be great if it were MagCloud? :)

Voting has already started and it ends on April 28. So please…pretty please…vote for us. Okay, how about “pretty please with a cherry on top”? And, if you feel so inclined, how about posting a tweet or Facebook update to get others to vote as well?

We look forward to improving our services and growing our MagCloud family. It’s nearly three years since we launched and we’re thankful of the support and encouragement that we’ve received from our community of publishers, marketers, photographers, designers, event planners and myriads of other professionals. It is through your continued feedback, creativity and excitement for all things publishing that makes our service what it is.

Thank You!