Publishers In Their Own Words: The Thistle & Clover Diaries

The Thistle & Clover Diaries
By Rand Niederhoffer & Camilla Gale

Thistle & Clover, our Brooklyn based fashion boutique, features the work of young, up and coming jewelry, clothing and accessories designers that are not easily found elsewhere. Because the store’s focus is on designers who are still (at least for now) relatively unheard of, we make a concerted effort to editorialize our designers wherever possible.

To that end, we implement a quarterly Open Call program that is used to highlight a handful of local design talent each season; we plan a monthly Tailored Event Night, where different designers are invited to the store for cocktail parties (meet and greets); and we utilize a wide variety of social media to interact with our customer base both in Brooklyn and abroad.

MagCloud provided an affordable, easy-to-use means for us to further create a narrative around our clothing collections. The Diaries act as an informational showcase for the fresh new talent that the boutique promotes. Every season 10-15 new designers are highlighted within the quarterly. Each designer receives a full-page spread that includes a headshot, a brief interview, and a photo layout on the facing page, displaying collection looks on sale at T & C.

We really believe that every single collection that debuts is its own entrepreneurial success story. And the Diaries have helped us relay those tales. It’s been a very special experience for us. We’ll be launching our 3rd Thistle & Clover Diaries on September 10th 2010 to a packed house full of the stores designers, friends and family.

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