Make a Big Impression in a Smaller Package

Continuing our series on publishing your portfolio through MagCloud, today we take a look at a few design ideas for using the new Digest product to present your work in a more compact format. Digest publications provide the same professional image quality and finishing you’ve always gotten with MagCloud, but with a trim size of 5.25″ wide by 8.25″ tall, they take up only about half the space in your bag. Plus with a cheaper price point (16 cents per page) you can stretch your budget a bit further, and get your work into the hands of even more potential customers.

The question is, how to design within this more constrained space and still highlight your work? To help you get started, we’ve listed a few ideas below…

Use Both Pages

Take full advantage of the available space with images of your work spanning both pages, and bleeding off the trim edges. If you are going to be opting for perfect binding and want to place your images across the spine, be sure to check out our tips for designing for perfect binding.

Highlight One Piece of Work Per Page

Place one image per page to create a kind of photobook. This format is particularly conducive to lookbooks for fashion collections, with each page containing one look.

Combine Images and Text Across a Spread

Make a photo of your work the focus of one page, either with a full bleed or as a contained image, and then include descriptive text on the opposing page. This way each spread focuses on one project, combining both imagery and text to tell the story of each piece of work.

Think Outside Portrait Orientation

Until we are able to offer a true landscape product, show off your work in a landscape format by rotating your content 90 degrees, such that the spine of the publication is on the top edge of the page. If you want to add some practically to your portfolio, and ensure it gets kept around for the coming year, use this rotated format to make a mini calendar, with each month highlighting a different piece of past work.

Create a Themed Booklet with a Segment of Your Work

When photographer Trey Hill learned about our new Digest format, he used it to combine a collection of his images into a photo story called Untouchable. These are images that are included as part of his larger 2010 Photography Annual, but the smaller form factor offers a more focused look at the story this series of photos tells. See for yourself how Trey has used this smaller format to tell his photo story: we’re taking 25% off the production costs on all print orders of Untouchable from now until the end of October.

Have you had a chance to experiment with our new Digest format to create your portfolio? Let us know in the comments what your design strategy has been.

Magazines Offer A Holiday Helping Hand

The holiday season is in full swing which means time to decorate the house, bake some cookies, figure out what to buy Aunt Nan, take Cooper and Lucas to see Santa, pick out an outfit for the office party and find a new doggie plush toy that will have Kai jumping for joy.

The good news is that MagCloud publishers have put together lots of great magazines to help you with these and many more holiday activities. The best part is that many of these magazines are on sale through Dec. 31st.

Here are just a few of our favorite holiday magazine gems:

Home Decorating and Cooking:

Sweet Paul Magazine’s holiday issue is filled with easy and tasty recipes, great craft projects and holiday shopping ideas.

Creating Vintage Charm features Artist, Abi Monroe ~ White Christmas at Sandy Foster’s Studio ~ Create your own Sugar-Plum Christmas with Debi Huntsman and much more.

Chocolate Book is a collection of 135 delicious chocolate dessert recipes from the culinary cooks of 100 years ago.

Gift Guides:

Silver Spoon Magazine, a children’s luxury magazine, features John Galliano, Ralph Lauren, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Matilda Jane, Hula Mula, Knuckleheads, Shirin NYC in this issue and offers a variety of gift ideas for children.

Inside Look’s holiday issue offers an ecco gift guide and ways to simplify the season with a Green Christmas.

My Petz Magazine offers gift ideas for pets.

Regional Shopping and Holiday Event Guides:

Brink Magazine offers a fresh approach to Florida lifestyle, with over 50 gift ideas and suggestions for things to do and wear in Orlando this holiday season.

Mi Local Perks Magazine is a gift guide for Michigan shoppers offering great tips and deals.

–The good folks at Style Sample Magazine have put together the Dress for Success Style Tour shopping guide in Cincinnati.

Asheboro Events Magazine provides lots of choices for holiday shopping, including festivals and stores in the Asheboro, North Carolina area.

Black Twin Cities Magazine shares health and menu ideas for this holiday season.

Holiday Fashion Trends and Tips:

E’LON Couture Magazine highlights the season’s prettiest After-Five party dresses, and offers beautiful holiday hair ideas, and makeup looks.

MAMi Magazine premiers an offbeat holiday issue and gift guide.

Style Sample Magazine offers tips for shopping your closet, see the most stylish ways to add some sparkle to your holiday look, and impress your friends with a dope holiday party playlist.

Hush Chicago Magazine is celebrating the upcoming Party Season in a unique and fashionable way! They have 3 unique fashion editorials, At The Party, Party Girl and Getting Ready for The Party.

There are a wide variety of other magazines (with new ones added regularly) to make this season both fun and functional including holiday literary and art collections in the latest issue of Dream Chaser Magazine as well as do-it-yourself children’s holiday outfit ideas from Sew WOW.

Enjoy the tips and have a happy and fun holiday season!

Publishers In Their Own Words: The Thistle & Clover Diaries

The Thistle & Clover Diaries
By Rand Niederhoffer & Camilla Gale

Thistle & Clover, our Brooklyn based fashion boutique, features the work of young, up and coming jewelry, clothing and accessories designers that are not easily found elsewhere. Because the store’s focus is on designers who are still (at least for now) relatively unheard of, we make a concerted effort to editorialize our designers wherever possible.

To that end, we implement a quarterly Open Call program that is used to highlight a handful of local design talent each season; we plan a monthly Tailored Event Night, where different designers are invited to the store for cocktail parties (meet and greets); and we utilize a wide variety of social media to interact with our customer base both in Brooklyn and abroad.

MagCloud provided an affordable, easy-to-use means for us to further create a narrative around our clothing collections. The Diaries act as an informational showcase for the fresh new talent that the boutique promotes. Every season 10-15 new designers are highlighted within the quarterly. Each designer receives a full-page spread that includes a headshot, a brief interview, and a photo layout on the facing page, displaying collection looks on sale at T & C.

We really believe that every single collection that debuts is its own entrepreneurial success story. And the Diaries have helped us relay those tales. It’s been a very special experience for us. We’ll be launching our 3rd Thistle & Clover Diaries on September 10th 2010 to a packed house full of the stores designers, friends and family.