Publishers in Their Own Words: Stranded

by Andrew Losowsky, Editor/Publisher of Stranded

Like many thousands of others, I was stranded earlier this year due to the week-long closure of European airspace. A few days in, I was bored while trying not to spend any money in Dublin – a city I hadn’t intended to visit. It occurred to me that there must be many other people – writers, photographers, illustrators – in the same situation; I put out a call on my blog for contributors to a nonexistent publication, not knowing what response I would get. Within a day, more than 30 people had emailed me. I spent the rest of my unintended holiday in internet cafes, sending out commissions. Over the last five months, Matt McArthur – a Scottish art director whom I’ve never met, and who was stranded in New York during that week – and I have spent our spare time compiling the remarkable work we received.

Stranded magazine is the result, a unique souvenir of a time when the skies were clear for a few unexpected days. We’re rather proud of it, and we hope you like it too. Oh and $5 (that is, all proceeds) from every purchase go to The International Rescue Committee. Some people are stranded in a more permanent way, and we shouldn’t forget their plight.

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