Publishers in Their Own Words: Dull Roar

Dull Roar
by Alexandra Tinsley

Dull Roar is my little design company, providing primarily accessory patterns for handknitters. The patterns are sold mainly online, in pdf form, but many people prefer the convenience of a printed hard copy that can be carried around and marked up as you go.

It’s difficult to provide quality printed copies to people all over the world without incurring huge upfront and shipping costs on my end, but MagCloud makes it possible for me to do just that. I can now offer hard copies of both individual patterns and my multi-pattern collection right alongside the pdf versions on my blog, and let MagCloud handle the details.

The finished patterns look gorgeous and professional, and I know other designers are getting excited about the possibilities too. Knitting patterns may not be exactly what MagCloud was created for, but that doesn’t stop it from working wonderfully.

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