Congrats To All Our Portfolio Contest Entrants










The voting period has officially closed for our first-ever Portfolio Contest. We received a lot of impressive submissions and are having a blast seeing the work that our publishers do every day. Thank you to all who submitted and voted in the contest.

Winners will be notified in mid-January. Your patience is appreciated during the next few weeks while we sort out the winners. Until then, check out all the great entries on our Facebook page.

A big thank you to our sponsors: Wacom, Pantone and MyFonts. Their products made our prize packs irresistible!

Remember, there will be a total of ten lucky winners. Here’s a little reminder about what you could be taking home.

We appreciate your time and energy and would love to hear any feedback on our contest in the comments section below.



One thought on “Congrats To All Our Portfolio Contest Entrants

  1. Sean 22 Dec 2011 / 11:22 AM

    Had a great time promoting my portfolio for the contest. While a few “friends” were a little irritated with my constant promotion, most of my family and friends rallied together and were very happy to vote. Probably the neatest part was all of the new friends that I have made during the contest. Since my portfolio contains many musicians, A large bulk of my promotion was posting on the musicians Facebook pages as well as fan pages across the globe (which on several occasions were share in parts of the world I would never have been able to reach). I received many messages back regarding the book as well as being able to share many of the stories behind the photos was a real treat. Not only was this a great way to help promote the MagCloud brand (one that I love, I might add) but I got to share my love of music and photography. Thank you MagCloud!

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