QUICK TRICK: PDF Export Presets for Adobe InDesign

Exporting to a PDF seems like it should be the easiest part of the design process, but one little checked-box can throw off your PDF settings, and cause a lot of frustration.

To solve the problem I have created a PDF preset file for InDesign that you can quickly download and use every time you want to publish to MagCloud.

The process is very simple, and it works for a Mac or PC.
Just follow these four steps.


1. DOWNLOAD the MagCloud PDF Export Job Options file (note you may need to ctrl+click or right click and save this file)

2. Install the Preset:
Within InDesign, go to FILE>> Adobe PDF Presets>> Define >> “Load” >> Find and Select the file you downloaded called “MagCloud_PDF_Export” >> Click “Done.”

3. To use these imported settings, with your file open in InDesign, Select FILE >> PDF Presets >> “Adobe PDF Preset for MagCloud”

4. Name and Save your PDF and you are ready to publish!

*Note, the preset will only work properly if you have set your document up perfectly from the start. To be sure you have your document settings adjusted properly, go to the InDesign Help Section on MagCloud.