MagCloud iPad App

We’ve refreshed the MagCloud iPad app with support for iOS9 and iPad Pro devices. More great features will be coming soon!

2013_04_hyperlinks-ipad2The MagCloud iPad app is a great way to sell your magazines and other content on mobile using iTunes In-App Purchase. Readers have the option to purchase new publications as a guest or sign-in with their MagCloud account for additional access to their existing on-line digital library.

2013-04-multipledevicesPublications purchased while signed-in to the app will also be saved to a user’s Digital Library on the MagCloud website, allowing them to be read on all their other devices as well, either via the MagCloud Web Viewer or as a PDF download.

The new version of the the MagCloud iPad app also boasts faster performance when browsing, reading, downloading and switching orientations; on-device account management and sign-up; and various user interface improvements to make the app more intuitive.


For publishers this means another way to monetize and build awareness for your content.  If you have already opted-in to digital distribution as a paid digital publication, your publications will automatically be available for sale in the new version of the iPad app.  To accommodate Apple’s iPad-pricing model we will automatically adjust pricing on the iPad to match the nearest pricing tier (most often the nearest $X.99 increment).

Publishers can use our digital pricing calculator to see in real-time how your pricing and earnings will compare for publications you distribute on the MagCloud website and via the iPad app. Free digital publications remain the same. To learn more about MagCloud digital distribution see our FAQ.

Download the new MagCloud iPad app and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Meet the Improved MagCloud iPad App

The MagCloud iPad application has been completely redesigned to offer improved functionality, including support for hyperlinks in downloaded publications, ability to access and download content purchased through the MagCloud website, and support for the Retina display of the new iPad.

The new app is available immediately in the iTunes app store.

Features Include:

  • Browse, download  and read thousands of free, full-color digital publications. New publications added daily.
  • Sign in with your MagCloud username to download and read publications previously purchased from the MagCloud website.
  • Easy-to-use reader interface in portrait or landscape mode, with support for swiping, pinching, zooming and the iPad’s new Retina display.
  • Visually navigate through publications with the convenient page preview slider and “All Pages” overview
  • Search for publications by title, collection, publisher or through keywords in the publication description and tags.
  • Hyperlink support provides a richer reader experience.
  • Download publications for reading offline.

Hyperlink Support:

The new MagCloud iPad app also enables publishers to include hyperlinks in their publications providing an enhanced user experience and new advertiser options. The app supports the use of hyperlinks for both images and text. This means you can link from your catalog of products back to an ecommerce site, or allow customers to draft emails to an address listed in your brochure just by clicking on it. You can also use hyperlinks to add value to your advertising space by allowing readers to click through to your advertisers’ websites.

MagCloud’s digital publishing makes it easy for businesses to reach customers wherever they prefer their content.

Let us know which new MagCloud iPad app features are your favorite and what you would like to see in future versions in the comments section below.

More Ways to Enjoy MagCloud Magazines

Enjoy MagCloud magazines when and where you want with new digital distribution options.

You can now enjoy your favorite MagCloud magazines on a PC, Mac, WebOS, iOS, Android or any device that supports PDF. So as a MagCloud publisher there’s nothing for you to do except choose which of your magazines you want to offer as digital issues; we will use the same PDF you upload for print to create this new digital product, so very simple and easy. For MagCloud readers this means choice and simplicity, allowing you to purchase once and read on any device at anytime.

Digital issues are a great way for more readers to discover and consume all of the great magazine content available through MagCloud, and for publishers to add additional value and exposure to their professional quality print editions.

Publishers will now have the option to charge for digital issues of their magazine. When publishers opt-in to digital distribution they can now choose to make their digital issues free or paid. Publishers are also given the option to bundle a free digital issue with a paid print order, allowing them to provide their readers with a convenient print+digital bundle.

We are also working on an optimized magazine viewing experience for iPad and other platforms in the future. To sample this experience, try our MagCloud iPad app with thousands of free magazines to discover and explore.

The new digital distribution features offers readers more choice with a simple and elegant purchase experience, and for publishers all it takes is a few mouse clicks to start offering your magazines in both print and digital formats.

Publishers, find out how to opt in to digital distribution or read our FAQ for more background on these great new features.