Let’s Give It Up For Our Dads

Whether he’s a techie or a trekkie, MagCloud has something for all the fathers around the world. Shopping for Dad is never easy, but with Father’s Day approaching this Sunday, we’re here to help with a few gift ideas.





Choose from MagCloud’s virtual newsstand and find something that fits his passion and hobbies. Below are a few suggestions knowing that most dads are fanatics about something:

Comic Book Geek

Family Chef

Film Lover

Health and Fitness Guru

History Buff

Music Junkie

The Outdoorsman

The Sports Fan

…and more!

— Collect photographs of your favorite moments with dad and create a photo magazine that’ll bring a tear to his eyes or give him a good laugh.

 Remember to take some time this weekend to thank your dad for all he’s done for you…teaching you to ride a bike, driving your first car, and even how to do the proper Vulcan salute…live long and prosper!

What have you learned from your Dad? Share with us in the comments below!

Magazines Offer A Holiday Helping Hand

The holiday season is in full swing which means time to decorate the house, bake some cookies, figure out what to buy Aunt Nan, take Cooper and Lucas to see Santa, pick out an outfit for the office party and find a new doggie plush toy that will have Kai jumping for joy.

The good news is that MagCloud publishers have put together lots of great magazines to help you with these and many more holiday activities. The best part is that many of these magazines are on sale through Dec. 31st.

Here are just a few of our favorite holiday magazine gems:

Home Decorating and Cooking:

Sweet Paul Magazine’s holiday issue is filled with easy and tasty recipes, great craft projects and holiday shopping ideas.

Creating Vintage Charm features Artist, Abi Monroe ~ White Christmas at Sandy Foster’s Studio ~ Create your own Sugar-Plum Christmas with Debi Huntsman and much more.

Chocolate Book is a collection of 135 delicious chocolate dessert recipes from the culinary cooks of 100 years ago.

Gift Guides:

Silver Spoon Magazine, a children’s luxury magazine, features John Galliano, Ralph Lauren, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Matilda Jane, Hula Mula, Knuckleheads, Shirin NYC in this issue and offers a variety of gift ideas for children.

Inside Look’s holiday issue offers an ecco gift guide and ways to simplify the season with a Green Christmas.

My Petz Magazine offers gift ideas for pets.

Regional Shopping and Holiday Event Guides:

Brink Magazine offers a fresh approach to Florida lifestyle, with over 50 gift ideas and suggestions for things to do and wear in Orlando this holiday season.

Mi Local Perks Magazine is a gift guide for Michigan shoppers offering great tips and deals.

–The good folks at Style Sample Magazine have put together the Dress for Success Style Tour shopping guide in Cincinnati.

Asheboro Events Magazine provides lots of choices for holiday shopping, including festivals and stores in the Asheboro, North Carolina area.

Black Twin Cities Magazine shares health and menu ideas for this holiday season.

Holiday Fashion Trends and Tips:

E’LON Couture Magazine highlights the season’s prettiest After-Five party dresses, and offers beautiful holiday hair ideas, and makeup looks.

MAMi Magazine premiers an offbeat holiday issue and gift guide.

Style Sample Magazine offers tips for shopping your closet, see the most stylish ways to add some sparkle to your holiday look, and impress your friends with a dope holiday party playlist.

Hush Chicago Magazine is celebrating the upcoming Party Season in a unique and fashionable way! They have 3 unique fashion editorials, At The Party, Party Girl and Getting Ready for The Party.

There are a wide variety of other magazines (with new ones added regularly) to make this season both fun and functional including holiday literary and art collections in the latest issue of Dream Chaser Magazine as well as do-it-yourself children’s holiday outfit ideas from Sew WOW.

Enjoy the tips and have a happy and fun holiday season!

Sending Your Holiday Newsletter Just Got Easier

There’s no ignoring that the holidays are creeping closer. It’s time to take that family portrait, write those greeting cards and send our annual updates and well-wishes on their way to our loved-ones.

But if you’re like me, the idea of hand addressing 100+ cards to family and friends, and stuffing envelopes seems like madness.

But for just 60¢ each (when you order in bulk), sending a 4-page glossy family newsletter is much more fun and affordable and you can you can save the wasted hours and annoying paper cuts from stuffing envelopes.

We’ve created six holiday newsletter templates to get you started so you can spend more time enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and playing with the kids.

How it Works
A 4-page publication costs just 80¢ when ordered individually and drops to 60¢ when you order in bulk of 20 or more copies. So you can create a 4-page newsletter and ship them anywhere in the US for about $1.70. Better yet you don’t have to brave the crowds at the post office or lick a single stamp.

Using MagCloud’s “Ship to Group” Feature
The “Ship to Group” feature lets you mail publications to multiple recipients with a single order. That means you can design your newsletter, upload it to MagCloud, and let MagCloud handle distributing copies to everyone on your list.

Shipping each copy costs more than a USPS stamp, (it’s about $1.09 domestic) but when you consider each copy only costs you $0.60 (when you order 20 or more copies)–spending less than $1.70 for 4-full-color pages, delivered to your loved ones with just a few clicks of the mouse–is easily worth it!

If you need help working with Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, or Apple iWork Pages check out previous posts on working with each application in our  ‘tips and tricks’ section.

For a basic template that maximizes your space for a family newsletter, and gives you the ease of “Ship to Group,” check these out:

Preview the InDesign (Ship to Group) Newsletter Template

DOWNLOAD the InDesign CS4 or newer (Ship to Group) Newsletter Template

Preview the Word (Ship to Group) Newsletter Template

DOWNLOAD the Word (Ship to Group) Newsletter Template

Preview the Pages (Ship to Group) Newsletter Template

DOWNLOAD the Pages (Ship to Group) Newsletter Template

Ship it Yourself:
If you prefer to put a little extra love into your mailing, want to sign your name, add a sticker or simply put a personal note in a few of your messages, then use one of the  “Fold and Ship” Holiday templates. These have an address area for you to adhere address labels and a stamp, and are intended to be folded to a 8.25″ x 5.375″ size and sealed so that they can be mailed with a 44¢ 1st-class stamp.

This template style requires that you order a bulk order to be shipped to youself, and then you handle folding them in half and mailing. While this process can save you a bit of money–these averages about $1.35 per letter–(depending on stickers, address labels and postage) it’s more time consuming.

Preview  the InDesign (Fold and Mail) Newsletter Template

DOWNLOAD the InDesign CS4 or newer (Fold and Mail) Newsletter Template

Preview the Word (Fold and Mail) Newsletter Template

DOWNLOAD the Word (Fold and Mail) Newsletter Template

Preview the Pages (Fold and Mail) Newsletter Template

DOWNLOAD the Pages (Fold and Mail) Newsletter Template


How Do I Create a Group Order?

Simply create an address group in your MagCloud address book (Account>Address book>Add New Group). Name your group — clients, friends, family, vendors etc — and select group members from existing recipients in your address book.

Once your recipients and group are ready, add the newsletter to your cart. Set the quantity to the number intended for each recipient, not the total for all recipients. For example, if you are sending 1 copy to 20 recipients you should set the quantity to 1.

When you get to the shipping page, click “Select from Address Book »”, choose your address group and complete checkout. That’s it! Costs will be displayed for the total order including all recipients.

Can I upload my own mailing list to my MagCloud address book?

Not currently, but that is a feature we hope to offer in a future site update.

Have more questions about Shipping or Publishing through MagCloud?

Check out our Help Section and Shipping FAQ.