More Ways to Enjoy MagCloud Magazines

Enjoy MagCloud magazines when and where you want with new digital distribution options.

You can now enjoy your favorite MagCloud magazines on a PC, Mac, WebOS, iOS, Android or any device that supports PDF. So as a MagCloud publisher there’s nothing for you to do except choose which of your magazines you want to offer as digital issues; we will use the same PDF you upload for print to create this new digital product, so very simple and easy. For MagCloud readers this means choice and simplicity, allowing you to purchase once and read on any device at anytime.

Digital issues are a great way for more readers to discover and consume all of the great magazine content available through MagCloud, and for publishers to add additional value and exposure to their professional quality print editions.

Publishers will now have the option to charge for digital issues of their magazine. When publishers opt-in to digital distribution they can now choose to make their digital issues free or paid. Publishers are also given the option to bundle a free digital issue with a paid print order, allowing them to provide their readers with a convenient print+digital bundle.

We are also working on an optimized magazine viewing experience for iPad and other platforms in the future.

The new digital distribution features offers readers more choice with a simple and elegant purchase experience, and for publishers all it takes is a few mouse clicks to start offering your magazines in both print and digital formats.

Publishers, find out how to opt in to digital distribution or read our FAQ for more background on these great new features.

Site Update Tonight will be down for a bit starting at 11 pm PST tonight.

The team will be working hard on rolling out some exciting new features, making the site a bit more zippy and adding some other cool new things. The site should be back up within a few hours. We look forward to hearing what you think about all the new stuff when it’s live.

Check back here tomorrow morning to learn about what we rolled out.

2011 MagCloud Wish List

The MagCloud team is really excited about 2011 and has lots of great features we are considering. We believe this should be the year of choice…more ways to publish and sell, and more ways to discover and enjoy great content.

Some of the things we are considering at MagCloud Central are:

–Expanded digital distribution, offering publishers more ways to sell and distribute their magazines, and readers more ways to buy and read them.

–An easier and smarter publishing process; including faster and more forgiving PDF uploading, auto-fixing to catch and help resolve the most common PDF upload problems, as well as a simpler overall publishing process.  All of this to give publishers more time to spend creating, and less time fiddling with PDFs and uploading to the site.

–Additional print formats to offer publishers new ways to have their content stand out.

–Reader ratings and reviews, and making it easier to share magazine favorites and recommendations with the rest of the MagCloud community.

–Enhancements to the MagCloud platform to make it easier for third party developers to build their own websites and applications on top of MagCloud, and that can link directly to MagCloud’s publishing and distribution capabilities.  So no need to recreate all the heavy lifting we’ve already spent the last 2 years building.

These are just a few of the things we have in mind (some of them already work in progress!), but would love to hear which features top your 2011 MagCloud wish list.  Please let us know.

The Fiscal Times Launches Inaugural Print Edition Through HP MagCloud

Originally posted on the HP Corporate Blog

In the midst of a surge of news publications moving from print distribution to online-only, today The Fiscal Times became one of the first digital news publications to do the opposite: offer print editions after starting from an online-only model.

Through HP MagCloud, the revolutionary self-publishing web service developed in HP Labs, a commercial-quality print edition of TFT is available to consumers on demand for the first time.

“We chose MagCloud for its ease of use, good production value and  quick turnaround time,” said Jacqueline Leo, editor-in-chief of The Fiscal Times.

The inaugural print edition, which was hand-delivered to each member of Congress last week, offers critical analysis of last year’s fiscal and political upheaval, a preview of the fiscal agenda in 2011, as well as a back-page essay from former President Bill Clinton.

Priced at $9 an issue, TFT can be purchased here on MagCloud.

Magazines Offer A Holiday Helping Hand

The holiday season is in full swing which means time to decorate the house, bake some cookies, figure out what to buy Aunt Nan, take Cooper and Lucas to see Santa, pick out an outfit for the office party and find a new doggie plush toy that will have Kai jumping for joy.

The good news is that MagCloud publishers have put together lots of great magazines to help you with these and many more holiday activities. The best part is that many of these magazines are on sale through Dec. 31st.

Here are just a few of our favorite holiday magazine gems:

Home Decorating and Cooking:

Sweet Paul Magazine’s holiday issue is filled with easy and tasty recipes, great craft projects and holiday shopping ideas.

Creating Vintage Charm features Artist, Abi Monroe ~ White Christmas at Sandy Foster’s Studio ~ Create your own Sugar-Plum Christmas with Debi Huntsman and much more.

Chocolate Book is a collection of 135 delicious chocolate dessert recipes from the culinary cooks of 100 years ago.

Gift Guides:

Silver Spoon Magazine, a children’s luxury magazine, features John Galliano, Ralph Lauren, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Matilda Jane, Hula Mula, Knuckleheads, Shirin NYC in this issue and offers a variety of gift ideas for children.

Inside Look’s holiday issue offers an ecco gift guide and ways to simplify the season with a Green Christmas.

My Petz Magazine offers gift ideas for pets.

Regional Shopping and Holiday Event Guides:

Brink Magazine offers a fresh approach to Florida lifestyle, with over 50 gift ideas and suggestions for things to do and wear in Orlando this holiday season.

Mi Local Perks Magazine is a gift guide for Michigan shoppers offering great tips and deals.

–The good folks at Style Sample Magazine have put together the Dress for Success Style Tour shopping guide in Cincinnati.

Asheboro Events Magazine provides lots of choices for holiday shopping, including festivals and stores in the Asheboro, North Carolina area.

Black Twin Cities Magazine shares health and menu ideas for this holiday season.

Holiday Fashion Trends and Tips:

E’LON Couture Magazine highlights the season’s prettiest After-Five party dresses, and offers beautiful holiday hair ideas, and makeup looks.

MAMi Magazine premiers an offbeat holiday issue and gift guide.

Style Sample Magazine offers tips for shopping your closet, see the most stylish ways to add some sparkle to your holiday look, and impress your friends with a dope holiday party playlist.

Hush Chicago Magazine is celebrating the upcoming Party Season in a unique and fashionable way! They have 3 unique fashion editorials, At The Party, Party Girl and Getting Ready for The Party.

There are a wide variety of other magazines (with new ones added regularly) to make this season both fun and functional including holiday literary and art collections in the latest issue of Dream Chaser Magazine as well as do-it-yourself children’s holiday outfit ideas from Sew WOW.

Enjoy the tips and have a happy and fun holiday season!

Trick or Treat?

In case you missed it MagCloud has been having daily Halloween “flash sales” all week. They are impromptu sales that last only two hours. So you have to catch them while you can and we promise a 25% off production costs treat for all.

Follow MagCloud on Twitter or become a fan of our Facebook page to find out when the next “flash sale” will start. We will continue these sales through Oct 31st so no need to miss out.

Here’s a hint for when today’s “flash sale” will occur:

It will happen while vampires and werewolves are still at school in Forks, Washington (though some of them might be getting a little hungry).

Good luck and Happy Almost Halloween!

Promote, Share and Better Target Your Magazines

We’ve made some changes to to make it easier to promote and get the word out about your magazine.

You can add a little personality to your magazine profile page by uploading a custom banner image.  Simply click on Publish, then select the title of the magazine you want to add an image to and you’ll see a new “Add a Custom Banner Image” link at the top right of the magazine page.  You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG image (790×90 pixels) to your magazine profile.  Magazine banners are a great way to give your publication more personality and reinforce your brand. Note: if you had previously linked to a banner image on a website you’ll need to upload a new image for your magazine.

We’ve also made it easier to share magazine issues with friends, colleagues and clients. Each issue page now has a series of share links so you can promote your magazine issue on Facebook, Twitter, send an email (when signed in) or post a link on your blog or favorite social media site.

Finally, a number of publishers have asked us to help them better target their magazines with expanded category options.  So we recently added a number of new categories to choose from when creating your magazine–Brides & Weddings, Comics & Graphic Novels, Computers, Education, Electronics , Gay & Lesbian, History, Movies, Music, Outdoors & Nature, Parenting & Families, Regional, Sci-fi & Fantasy, and Seniors.

We hope you enjoy these new features and as always we would love to receive your feedback.

Journalists Test the Limits of Publishing With HP MagCloud

A great article appeared on HP’s corporate blog this week about how MagCloud publishers, like Longshot Magazine, are pushing the limits of publishing with collaboration.

An excerpt from the blog post:

With the publishing industry in a state of uncertainty, one trend is offering a glimmer of hope: collaborative publishing.

This past weekend, a group of editors (from publications like Wired and The Atlantic) challenged themselves once again to create a magazine in just two days, first by issuing a 24-hour call for content – essays, reporting, pictures, graphics, etc. – around a specific theme and then giving themselves 24 hours to collaborate, compile, and deliver the final product.  The theme (“Comeback”) was issued publicly Friday and the group met their deadline yesterday, resulting in Issue One of Longshot Magazine.

To read the entire article go to HP’s Corporate Blog.

Also check out other MagCloud publishers who are also pioneering this new wave of collaborative publishing: JPG Magazine, theviewfromhere, Onè Respe and Strange Light.

New Ways To Promote Your Magazines

Looking for ways to showcase your magazine on your blog, website or favorite social network?  Try out the new custom MagCloud Widgets! Select the size and colors you prefer for your magazine widget then simply copy and paste the code into any site that accepts HTML.

Want to attract more followers?  Try out our nifty new MagCloud badges to encourage more people to follow your magazine and show your MagCloud pride.

Interested in other ways to promote your magazines to the world at large? Then check out our new Promote Page.  Send an email or share a link with friends, co-workers, family and other like minded individuals letting them know about your latest magazine issue.

What are you waiting for?  Your magazine rocks so let the world in on it!